Small Hot Melt Machine

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Small Hot Melt Machine

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10L Hot Melt Machine

Title:10L Hot Melt Machine
Category:Small Hot Melt Machine
Description:1.Piston Pump .2.Power:2200w。 3.Storage capacity:10L。 4.Melt velocity:10L/h。 5.Temperature sensing method:PT100/ni120

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1、Teflon coating glue box inside surface, and prevent coking, to ensure the best state of glue, reduce congestion.

2、Piston pump imported, adopts frequency control of motor speed, accurate control adhesive output.

3、Filter to remove impurities, to prevent the nozzle clogging.

4、Adopts accurate PID intelligent temperature control.

5、Intelligent control system has the high and low temperature protection function, to prevent the damage of equipment.

NS-P10 Technical Parameters:

Voltage                                             220V

Power                                               2200w

Hopper Capacity                            10L

Melt rate                                            10L/h

MAX.CPS                                          1.000-18.000CPS

Range of Temperrature                 ≤220℃

Weight                                                 60Kg

Up to hose's quantity                      2

Sensor                                                 PT100/Ni120


1.Pkg: Each PC In Wooden Cases.

2.Terms: Freight On Board (FOB Shenzhen).

3.From Shenzhen, China To_______,

4.Delivery Time: During 2-3 weeks After We Receive Your First Payment.

5.Payment: Telex Transfer (T/T), 30% Be Paid After Confirming The Order and the rest 70% is effected before delivering the goods.

6.Our Trademark: Nuosheng


Guarantee & After-sale services:

1)Guarantee the complete machine for 18 months, except the consumable parts.

2) 24 hours technical support by email or calling.

3) User-friendly English manual for machine using and maintaining.

Contact us :

Contact person: Ms.Mandy Chen

Mobile: +86 18902432651

Skype: mandy .chen6665


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